13 décembre 2016

6 juin 2013

                                                                              old one

28 février 2013

Trolls de Troy

Character Design
cartoon adaptation of Arleston's & Mourier 's comic
studio Futurikon

Silex and The City

Character Design - seasons 1 & 3
cartoon adaptation of Jul's comic
studio Je suis bien content
diffusion Arte

Nini Patalo

Character Design - seasons 1 & 2
cartoon adaptation of Lisa Mandel's comic
studio Je suis bien content
diffusion France 3, Canal J

2 septembre 2009

did that for a cultural project

29 juillet 2008

13 juin 2008

a.k.a Philip Eur
I did this one for an US famous studio.yé man!

3 juin 2008

Digital paintings

The following abominable Snowman and Monster with textures were done during courses of digital painting with Bobby Chiu.

Bobby did the original drawings and I did the colorizations.